Mr. Roger Cadena » Welcome to Social Studies with Mr. Cadena!

Welcome to Social Studies with Mr. Cadena!

Hello! My name is Mr. Cadena and I am one of the World Studies, US History, and World Geography teachers. I am a Curie alumnus (Class of 2010) and am excited for the opportunity to teach our current group of Condors! I graduated with a BA in History Education from Illinois State University in 2014 and I recently graduated with my MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago in 2018. I have been working in Chicago Public Schools since graduating from Illinois State University. I have taught, worked as an in-school suspension coordinator, and served as a post-secondary counselor. 
My teaching philosophy is simple: I believe that every student deserves an equitable education that fosters their academic, personal, and social growth. As a teacher, this means that I work my hardest to learn more about my students to meet their needs while challenging them to leave their comfort zone.
I look forward to what the school year will bring. If you are a parent or student, please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Please find copies of the course syllabi for further information about your classes.