Ms. Viera Bakova » Honors IB MYP ART


Instructor: Viera Bakova
The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a philosophy of teaching and an approach to instruction. Students in the MYP explore significant content, develop skills, and deepen conceptual understanding through their engagement with global contexts. Teachers will plan using the MYP objectives and assess using the MYP criteria. This is an intensive visual arts course that meets the high school graduation requirement. Students will plan and create both two and three-dimensional artwork using a variety of media, study International, national, and local artists, participate in critique sessions, learn about career opportunities in the arts, and understand the broader context of the art world and how their work fits in the discourse. Participants will also research and write artist statements and reports on the arts. Each student is required to explore and document ideas within a Visual Journal/Sketchbook.