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Media Center Activities

Add Your Book Reviews to Our Online Public Access Catalog!

When you read books that you have checked out from the Curie Media Center, you can review those books and add your reviews to our OPAC so that others who are searching those same books can see what you thought of those books. This is a great way for your voice to be heard regarding the books that you are reading, and also you can be instrumental in encouraging others to read as well. Service hours are available for students who contribute book reviews. Stop in the Media Center today to find out how!

Curie Media Center Book Club

The Media Center sponsors a Book club. Participants vote on books they would like to read together and meetings are held monthly. There is also online discussion via Edmodo. If you think that you are interested in joining the Book club, stop by the Media Center today! Spaces are limited.

Reader's Rewards

Did you know that you could win free books from the Curie Media Center. Everytime you read ten books and document it with us in the Media Center, you win one free book. Come into the Media Center and see Dr. Laskey or Ms. Adams. Ask about our Reader's Rewards program.

Service Learning Opportunities

You have the power to encourage your peers to pick up a book and read! If you have a good book you would like to share with others, and you are ready to put your creative abilities to work, stop into the Media Center to find out how you can turn your love for reading into service learning hours. Below are some suggested service projects that you can create. Remember, Reading Is Fundamental!!

1. Annotated Book Lists

Produce a list of several titles that are thematically related. Your theme may be great romances or killer suspense novels. Your theme may simply be a list of your favorite books. Provide a description of each book without revealing the climax or conclusion of the book. Feel free to make recommendations to, for instance, reluctant readers, or readers who like lots of action.

2. Online Book Reviews

Any Curie student is able to prepare a written book review for books they have borrowed from the Curie Media Center. These book reviews are posted to our online public access catalog for other students to read. The book reviews students post are no different from the product reviews one might see at, for instance, There are specific requirements for book reviews if the student would like to receive service learning hours for his or her review. Otherwise, students are free, at any time, to log into the system using their CPS Mail log in and write book reviews.

3. Reader’s Theater

This is not an original idea. The Chicago Public Library, for one, has a reader’s theater troupe. In fact, they are recruiting right now. We have applications! This would be a fun program to have at Curie as well. Reader’s Theater involves at least 3 basic components: reading, creative writing, and dramatic out loud reading. Participants can select personal favorite novels or books that are particularly popular and prepare scripts from excerpts of the books. Usually, some editing is done as the scripts will have to be a monologue for a reader, or a conversation between several readers. Then students would perform, or read the scripts aloud before an audience. The desired effect is to get audience members interested in reading these books or perhaps participating in reader’s theater.

4. Book Displays

At any time, students are welcome and encouraged to prepare poster boards, pamphlets, fliers, bookmarks etc. to advertise awesome books that they would like for other students to read. Personal creativity would determine the exact medium one would use to promote books. I would not rule out websites, blogs, and PowerPoint presentations.

5. Book Discussions

Students can take the initiative to organize book clubs or book discussions if there is a particular work that several students would like to discuss.

Happy Reading!