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Create and Post an Online Book Review

Create and Post Book Reviews for Service Learning Hours

Read these directions so that you will know what needs to go in your book review. Keep reading to get instructions on how to post your book review. If you have any questions, see Ms. Adams.

Guidelines for Online Book Reviews
Allotment of Hours:

Graphic Novels – 2 hours
100-200 pages – 2 hours
201-300 pages – 3 hours
301-400 pages – 4 hours
401-500 pages – 5 hours
501 or more pages – 6 hours

*Add an additional hour for the actual preparation of the book review including writing and proofreading.

Length Requirement:
Book reviews should be at least but not limited to 3 paragraphs of 3 sentences each.

Content Requirements:

Paragraph 1
Tell what type or genre of book: suspense, relationships, horror, humor, sci-fi, etc. Give a summary of the story without giving away the ending. You can discuss your thoughts about how exciting or suspenseful the book is, but do not specifically give so many major events of the story that you spoil the book for the potential reader.

Paragraph 2
Discuss what things or qualities the reader will like about the story. Use descriptive words so the reader can envision the characters, setting and the author’s writing style. So, you may write: ‘If you love romantic stories…’ or ‘This is a great story for readers who like to keep guessing until the very end.’

Paragraph 3
In this paragraph, you can provide additional information and wrap up or conclude your review.

Here are suggestions for the type of additional information you can include in this paragraph:

• Dislikes or weaknesses of the book (if you feel there are some.)
• Other books like this one that you would recommend.
• Would this book make a good movie?
• Should there be a sequel to this book?
• Do you think guys would enjoy reading this book?
• Do you think reluctant readers would enjoy reading this book?
• What have other people said to you about this book?

Additional Reminders:
All book reviews should be proofread and spell checked before adding to the online catalog. Students must provide a book review according to the guidelines to show proof that the each person has taken the time to read the book.

Posting Your Online Book Review

1. If you do not already have it, please obtain your CPS Student Portal/Gradebook log-in and password from Ms. Adams or your teacher.

2. At a computer, get on to the internet and go to Curie’s Online Public Access Catalog:
• Students
• Media Center
• Book Search

3. Enter the title of the book for which you are providing a review.
Click on the title of the book.

4. Select Reviews on your left hand side.

5. Select Add New Review.

6. Now you can begin typing your review. It is easiest to simply copy and paste your review once you have fully typed and proofread it.

Want to print out these instructions? Click on the file below and print out the Word document!