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Curie AVID

AVID is:
- Advancement Via Individual Determination
- A selective four year college preparation program
- A rigorous academic program designed around college and career aspirations
- A Curie major where students have a daily AVID course geared towards developing writing, reading, inquiry, and collaboration skills
- An elective course that contributes toward high school graduation

The AVID mission is to ensure that ALL students:
- Will succeed in the rigorous AVID curriculum
- Will complete a college prep path, enrolling in Advanced Placement and honors classes
- Will be active and involved in Curie clubs and sports
- Will increase their acceptance into four year colleges
- Will become responsible leaders in a democratic society

The ideal AVID candidate:
- Comes from the academic middle. Possibly a B and C student - who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard
- Is capable of completing a rigorous curriculum but may fall short of his/her potential
- Often is the first in their families to attend college
- May be from low-income or minority families