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Welcome to the Career and Technical Education Academy!
Also known as the CTE, the Career and Technical Education Academy is a three-year college and career prep program. Students must apply, select from 12 different industries, and be accepted into a CTE academy program prior to their freshmen year of high school. Students in the CTE program at Curie High School, must complete a prerequisite College & Career Readiness Foundations class during their freshmen year. CTE Academy coursework begins during their sophomore year in high school. CTE Academy students complete coursework specific to their chosen major over their final three years in high school.

Curie High School’s CTE Academy programs offer rich, robust and rigorous coursework. Students enrolled in these programs have the opportunity to become certified in their area of specialization, enjoy college and career related workshops, work based learning internships and field experiences, participate in the CTE Capstone Fair, meet and network with industry professionals and organizations, and are offered scholarship opportunities specific to their course of study as well. These are only a few of the opportunities available to students in CTE programs at Curie High School. During the CTE experience, students are strongly encouraged to pursue post-secondary education at a variety of colleges and universities, enter the world of work with viable industry certification or a combination of both. Curie CTE alumni have been awarded millions of dollars in scholarships and gone on to achieve highly productive and professional lives in industry.

Curie currently hosts the following CTE Academy Pathways:


Business and Finance

Accounting and Entrepreneurship



Construction and Architecture




Education and Training




Culinary Arts


Information Technology (IT)

Game Programming

Web Design


Media and Communication Arts

Broadcast Technology

Digital Media



Automotive Technology 

For more information about CTE course offerings at Curie, please contact:

Ms. Lisa Quinones
CTE Coordinator
(773) 535-2153

For more information about CTE and course offerings please feel free to visit the website at:
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