Percussion (Period 9)

Mr. Vernon Danridge
Music Department


Course Description

Students will be challenged to prepare daily through practice during the fifty-minute per day Percussion Class. Music Reading of Notes and symbols is required. A student is expected to work at a pace that will afford great opportunities for learning the motor skills that are required to play right and left hand piano passages. Students will be expected to commit certain pieces to memory. Ample time will be given.  Students will receive copies of musical scores from the percussion text.

Percussion skills development can vary from one student to the next. However, all Level I students will be expected to efficiently play song selections in common time (4/4), ¾ time, and 2/4 time as presented in the text book. Students will perform regularly in the Classroom Recital. Students will also engage in peer assessments as well as self-assessments. Literacy initiatives will complement the musical offerings throughout the school year. This will afford the opportunity for students to meet Common Cores Standards as well as National Core Arts Anchor Standards: Creating, Performing, Responding and Connecting (1 – 11).