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AVID Program

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is a 4th through 12th grade system designed to prepare students in the academic middle for 4-year college eligibility. It has a proven track record in bringing out the best in student, and in closing the achievement gap.

The AVID Student
AVID targets students in the academic middle - B, C, and even D students - who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. These are students who are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but are falling short of their potential. Typically, they will be the first in their families to attend college, and many are from low-income or minority families. AVID puts them on the college track: acceleration instead of remediation.

The AVID Elective
Curie Metro High School's AVID program is growing, and we currently offer AVID electives courses for 9th-12th grades. A rigorous course of study is programmed for each student and often includes the school's toughest courses, such as Honors and Advanced Placement®. In the AVID elective (which meets one period a day, every day) students learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking and asking probing questions, get academic help from peers using the tutorial method, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities that make college attainable. Their self-images improve, and they become academically successful leaders and role models for other students.

The AVID Curriculum
The AVID curriculum, based on rigorous standards, was developed by middle and senior high school teachers in collaboration with college professors. It is driven by the WICOR method, which stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading. AVID curriculum is used in AVID elective classes, as well as in many content-area classes in Curie Metro High School, including 9th grade Advisory.

The AVID Faculty
One key to a successful AVID program is a site coordinator/teacher who is a respected site instructional leader who can organize curriculum as well as activities, and who is committed to serving the needs of target students. The coordinator also works with colleagues to implement AVID methodologies schoolwide, to place students in college preparatory curriculum, and to work with the designated AVID counselor to guide students through the college application and scholarship processes.

The AVID Parent
AVID parents encourage their students to achieve academically, participate on an advisory board and in AVID site team meetings, and maintain regular contact with the AVID coordinator. Many parents and students participate in AVID Family Workshops.

Professional Development
The AVID elective class is led by a teacher who's been trained in the program's methodologies. AVID's Professional Development, however, goes further than that. Teachers, counselors, and administrators attend AVID's Summer Institutes and regional Trainings, where they all learn techniques for bringing out the best in average students. This way, all Curie Metro High students are supported in content-area classrooms as well as students in the AVID elective, and even more students can benefit from AVID.

A nationally recognized college-prep program, colleges demonstrate their support of AVID programs in many ways. They may provide class speakers, include AVID students in residential, academically-oriented summer bridge programs, and follow and support the progress of AVID students during their college careers. The community supports AVID by providing speakers and summer apprenticeships for AVID students.

Where is AVID?
AVID is at work in nearly 4,500 schools in 45 states as well as the District of Columbia and 16 countries/territories. Large urban schools, tiny rural schools, resource-rich suburban schools, struggling schools - they all find that AVID meets the needs of their students in the middle.


Mr. Nguyen

AVID Freshmen Cohort

Ms. Brode (Elective)
Mr. Jimenez (World Studies)
Ms. Mariscal (Elective)
Mr. Rico (Computer Science)
Ms. Rodriguez (English I)
Ms. Shadd (Biology)
Mr. Wang (Algebra)
Mr. Coronado (Counselor)


Ms. Brode
Ms. Mariscal
Ms.Lopez-Cordona and Mr. Coronado


Mr. Nguyen
Ms. Mariscal
Ms. Lopez (Counselor)


Ms. Ortman
Mr. Nguyen
Mr. Murphy and Ms. Velez

AVID Academic Tutors

Ms. Laborde
Mr. Romero
Ms. Garcia
Mr. Zavala