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Continuous Improvement Work Plan Summary


It is the mission of Curie Metropolitan High School to offer a rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on technology and the arts. Curie High School promotes future success by establishing a culture of college and career readiness and by encouraging students to enroll in post-secondary institutions. Curie High School is committed to providing authentic learning experiences that will provide a foundation for life-long learning. Students will be prepared to become leaders and engaged citizens in a global society, enabling them to contribute positively and responsibly to their community.
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Theory of Action: If we build staff capacity to engage in routines and practices for reflection on high-quality instructional strategies, student performance data, and students’ voices, then teacher leaders will have the skills needed to lead their teams in cycles of inquiry which will lead to data-informed instructional adjustments, increased student voice, and improved academic outcomes.
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
Theory of Action: If we create a clear, user-friendly framework with grade-level specific tracking tools and targeted professional development, then our grade-level teams will establish and implement school-wide progress monitoring protocols to identify and address specific academic and behavioral gaps, which leads to improved academic outcomes, behavioral support, and attendance metrics for all students.
SEL: Community Building 
Theory of Action: If we intentionally live out The Curie Way, then we will foster a belonging-supportive learning environment that leads to teachers, students, and families feeling that their presence and intellectual and social contributions are valued.