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Condor Community Partner Spotlight

On behalf of Condors everywhere, thank you for your generosity and support. Our "Learn.
Plan.Succeed" Day raffle was successful because of your donations.

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Curie AVID Program Highlights... Chicago Scholars

Mariah Flores is an academically ambitious junior in Curie's Avid program who was recently welcomed to join Chicago Scholars. She was 1 of 1600 applicants. Chicago Scholars is a 7 year program offering assistance in navigating the complex transition into college, through college, and beyond to a career. Mariah plans to study engineering! #condorpride #curieavid
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Condors in the News...

Congratulations to Curie Varsity Soccer who made it to the Top 8 in the city tournament! We lost to Whitney Young 2-0, but the team played amazing! You can read about it here:
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