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DHH Program Description

DHH Program Description
Since 2002, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program at Curie Metro High School aims to develop strategies to meet an individual’s educational needs through a comprehensive course of study and assessments. Students have the opportunity to integrate into general education, vocational, and college preparatory classes (e.g. IB and Advanced Placement) with support and interpreter as needed. Students are encouraged to participate in school-wide activities and to partake in extracurricular interests. We prepare students for self-advocacy, independence, and work experience through transitional services.

Instructional Focus
  • The DHH staff at Curie Metro High School provides a Total Communication approach to Deaf education that aims to make use of numerous modes of communication (e.g. sign language, oral, auditory, written, and visual aids), based on each student’s individual needs and abilities.
  • Assimilation in general education courses with instructional support and interpreter services.
  • Taking part in academic and social environments with same-age peers.
  • Opportunities for participation in school-wide activities, including field trips and assemblies.
  • Audiology support to evaluate each student’s degree of hearing loss and impact on learning, make recommendations, and provide support.
"Our program is unique because it embraces all DHH students, their mode of communication and backgrounds."