ARTIVISM: In this course, students explore how artists and activists have responded to the call for social justice and change, whether through political or activist art, and the ways in which artists and art collectives "socially enact" their perspectives across various historical and social circumstances.


Throughout this course, students will use a variety of Visual Arts processes (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation) and Electronic and Internet/Time media (video, blogs, sound, performance). The course focuses on teaching art as a process and practice for messages of social justice and civic activism. Students will function as a collective to create contemporary and community-relevant art that is interactive. This means that students help conceive the curriculum/projects for the year, resulting in autonomy as artists in the creative process. Students will research current topics of urban life, personal experiences, and social activism, then respond by creating art. The artwork will be displayed in different ways within the community, eliciting a response through a blog run by students. Students are required to curate their work in a culminating exhibition, which may take the form of a gallery exhibit or performance outside of school hours. Participation in this exhibition is mandatory. Students will document their art-making process through writing, photography, video, and slideshows communicating their process via the blog:

Guerrilla Art Collective  Concepts:

Student Autonomy/Personal Voice


Artistic Process

Social Justice
Interdisciplinary Media

Public Art Curation



Museum of Contemporary Art Partnership: S.P.A.C.E.

This is our second year partnering with the world-famous museum. This special partnership pairs us with a resident artist who will have an artist’s studio here at Curie. This year our resident artist is Samantha Hill (website:,   We will collaborate as artists to create innovative projects about social justice that will be curated in our community. We will also collaborate and interact with Civics classes at Curie H.S. as part of the Arts and Civics exchange.   

We receive special funding, support, and field trips to the MCA.

*We will continue to work with 2017 artist, Andres Hernandez as a visiting artist and consultant.


MCA Article about Curie GAC and SPACE


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