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  • Communicate with your Counselors, College Career Coach and other Postsecondary Partners
  • All Graduation Tasks Must be Uploaded and Completed on Naviance
CPS Scholarship Resources 2022-2023
If you have any questions please contact CPS Scholarships at [email protected]. Standard college search site Loren Pope's Colleges that Change Lives resource page Associated Colleges of the Midwest resource page Does a “college match” search for you based on individual preferences website for the Historically Black Colleges and Universities interesting site that offers a different search process –check it out!

Financial Aid: Government Financial Aid clearinghouse – EVERYONE should complete a FAFSA! CPS financial aid and scholarship website National scholarship search database -- (New site!) Free parent resource database with informational videos intended to help educate parents on financial aid Student loan information Site which does "social networking" to link students to scholarships College Navigator is a site developed by the Department of Education to provide statistics on student financial aid offered by colleges and universities.

ACT/SAT testing and test prep: ACT website – use to prepare and register for the tests SAT website – use to prepare and register for the SAT and SATII subject tests – private test prep and tutoring options – free test prep also has free test prep!

Register for the ACT at