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Google Forms:  For Assessments - Using Google Forms For Assessments. Video by Mr. Rico


Google Hangouts: Making Phone Calls - Make phone call with Hangouts.


Google Hangouts: Meet Guide - Video guide for Teachers, Students and Parents in 2020.


Google Hangouts: Tutorial For Students - How to Use Meet to Join Your Teacher's Video Classroom!


Google Hangouts: Quick Join - Joining a class with Google Hangouts Meet


Google Meet: How to Keep Students from Joining or Rejoining a Meet without You - This video covers how to keep students from joining a Meet before you have joined, or from rejoining a Meet after you have left.


Hangouts Meet Quick Start - Join impromptu meetings on the go.


Google Hangouts Meet - How to mute students & how to kick students out.


Google Meet: How to record a session

Learn more →  Google Meet Help: Record a video meeting


Google Meet: Grid View Extension  - allows you to see all participants on one screen


Google Meet: Ms. Spachman created norms

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Google Meet: PD by Ms. Porter


Teachers Guide to Google Classroom

Aspen: Customize Student Info View - Create a custom view of your students info. Tutorial by Ms. Spachman
Curie webpage: Update my contact information - How to update your contact information on the Curie website.
Curie webpage: Update my profile photo - How to update your profile photo on the Curie website.
Distant Learning Best Practices - PDF with useful links and tools about Distant Learning.
Internet Speed Factors - What factors affect your internet speed?
NewsELA - by Ms. Ovalle
Office of Teaching and Learning - Education Resources to Support Students During the Coronavirus School Closings
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SEL in Remote Learning (Includes Tips for Responding to Challenging Behavior) - Social and Emotional Learning Goes Remote


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