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AVID Site Team

Curie AVID Site Team is part of the larger, regional, national and worldwide AVID team that provides all AVID schools with information, training, support and guidance. AVID Central Division visit Curie High School once or twice a year to ensure AVID is being implemented, grown and maintained successfully and with fidelity.



Curie's AVID Site Team

Ms. Starlet Miles, Assistant Principal

Ms. Nicole Ortman, AVID Program Coordinator

Ms. Maria Lopez-Cardona, School Counselor

Mr. David Coronado, School Counselor

Ms. Linda Bhavilai, School Counselor

Mr. Daniel Jimenez, World Studies Teacher

Mr. Alex Rhodan, Computer Science Teacher

Ms. Michelle Ivancic , English Teacher

Ms. Latoyia Shadd, Biology Teacher

Mr. Wei Wang, Algebra Teacher

Ms. Sarah Amouipour, AVID 9/10 Teacher

Ms. Veronica Hawkins, AVID 9 /10Teacher

Ms. Karen Mariscal, AVID 11/12 Teacher

Ms. Tatiana Torres, AVID 11/12 Teacher



AVID Academic Tutors

Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Resendiz, Mr. Kogut, Mr. Alvarez