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The Curie Music team's main tenet is that music is synonymous with life.  Music brings excitement to education while offering a deeper meaning to learning.  The overarching goal for the developing musicians in the Curie Music program is for these students to engage in the creative process.   The Curie Music department fosters students to create, perform, respond and connect to a multitude of musical genres and embrace the rich culture of our student population.  Students at Curie High School not only have high level music classes which include: Band, Choir, Guitar, Electronic Music, Music Production, Piano, Orchestra and Percussion Ensembles.  Students at Curie have a unique opportunity to work with professional musicians on the National and International level.  The educators in the Curie Music department are not only passionate teaching artists but true artists in their own right.  The students at Curie are mentored to find their own musical voice. 

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Band (Concert/Jazz/Marching): Ian Torres, [email protected] , Leon Miller, [email protected] , Timothy Walker, [email protected] , Vernon Danridge, [email protected]

Chorus: Irica Baurer, [email protected] , Delwin Roland, [email protected]

Guitar: Michael Gallagher, [email protected]

Orchestra: Barry Herndon, [email protected]

Piano: Jukube Felton, [email protected] , Timothy Walker, [email protected] , Leon Miller, [email protected]

Electronic Music: Vernon Danridge, [email protected]

Production/Adidas Sound Lab: Delwin Roland, [email protected] , Michael Gallagher, [email protected]