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PIANO I Instructors: Michael Gallagher, Leon Miller, Ian Torres, Timothy Walker Sr.


PIANO I: Students desirous on learning to perform the piano and

related keyboard instruments. Notation, rhythm, pitch, time

signature, meter will be stressed. Students are expected to

perform scales and selections with both hands. Individual

and group training will be incorporated into this class.

No previous experience or teacher recommendation is

required for PIANO I.



This is the next level of instruction in class and individual piano. Students taking this class should have some skills in music reading, scales and independent movement of both hands. Basic chord progressions, major and minor scales are taught. Students can perform solos on the school/ community level on advanced-beginner to intermediate level music.



ADVANCED PIANO:  Jukube Felton

This course is designed for the 1st year advanced student who has experience in independently performing on the piano. Students in this class will be prepared to perform intermediate-advanced to advanced music for solo, small ensemble accompaniment and solo performance at the school/community level. Must have successfully completed BEGINNING and/or INTERMEDIATE PIANO with teacher recommendation.