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Pathway Overview

Students in the Accounting pathway learn the fundamentals of maintaining business records, preparing financial statements and managing money. The accounting classes take will enable them to understand the flow of business, analyze business transactions, recognize and use forms and reports, and properly record transactions. 


Course Descriptions
10th Grade- Business Academy I

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to business, marketing, and management concepts. It includes an introduction to business principles, business communications, and business computations. Students will be introduced to pre-employment skills, including resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and job search techniques. Representatives of the industry through guest speakers, field trips and/or job shadowing experiences will reinforce career and pre-employment skills. 

11th Grade- Accounting I

This is the second course in a three-year sequence of accounting courses. In this course, students will have the opportunity to use real-world business skills, accounting software, real-world source documents, financial statements, and multimedia. 

12th Grade- Accounting II

This is the third course in the three-year sequence of accounting courses. The course builds on the theory learned in Accounting I by emphasizing the more practical aspects of accounting. Students will solve problem situations on their own. They will prepare payroll reports and analyze financial reports. Corporate accounting fundamentals are also taught. 


This pathway allows the students to earn two industry-recognized credentials in Quickbooks and W!SE Financial Literacy

Work-Based Learning Opportunities

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College Credit Opportunities

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Pathway Awards

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Quick Facts
Wages Earn $71,470 per year
Employment Very large occupation
10 Year Growth Average growth
Annual Openings Very High
Student Testimonial

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