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Automotive Technology


Automotive Technology
Pathway Overview

Students in the Automotive Technology pathway learn the basics of computer diagnosis for automotive repair as well as traditional tool usage for the entire repair process: evaluating, repairing, and maintaining vehicles. As students process through the program, they will gain the skills necessary to earn nationally recognized certification, gain entry-level employment, or enroll in an Automotive Technology program in college. 


Course Descriptions
10th Grade- Automotive Tech I

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the following topics: how to use the correct tools to get the job done, basic car maintenance and how important it is, the principles of tires and wheels, what is electricity and how does it work, Ohms law, digital multimeters, batteries service and diagnosis, charging system diagnosis and repairs, starting system diagnosis and repairs, lighting systems diagnosis and repairs, gauges, warning devices and driver information systems diagnosis and repairs, horn and wipers diagnosis and repairs.


11th Grade- Automotive Tech II

This is the second course in a three-year sequence of the Automotive Technology pathway. The following topics will be examined: general engine diagnosis, diagnosing computerized engine control systems, ignition systems diagnostics and repairs, understanding fuel, air, and exhaust systems diagnostics, emissions control systems diagnostics and repairs, exhaust gas recirculation, understanding the importance of evaporative emission control system on today's cars, engine-related services, performing general brake services and hydraulic system diagnostics, disc and drum brake service and diagnostics, power assist units and proper service procedures, wheel bearings, parking brakes, electrical, diagnostics and repairs, and anti-lock brakes and traction control systems. 


12th Grade- Automotive Tech III

This is the third course in the three-year sequence of the Automotive Technology pathway. The following topics will be examined: general suspension and steering system diagnosis, steering system diagnosis and repair, suspension system diagnosis and repairs, related suspension and steering service, wheel alignment diagnosis, adjustment, and repair, wheel and tire diagnosis and repair, understanding service shop operations, post-secondary unit for study and employment. 



This pathway allows the students to earn up to 5 industry-recognized credentials in Snap On Multimeter NC3, ASE End of Program Brakes, ASE End of Program Steering and Suspension, ASE End of Program Electrical, and ASE End of Program Engine Performance. 


Work-Based Learning Opportunities

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College Credit Opportunities

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Pathway Awards

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Quick Facts
Wages Earn $42,971 per year
Employment Very large occupation
10 Year Growth Average/slow growth
Annual Openings Very High
Student Testimonial

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Mr. Charles Adeyanju