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Web/Game Design

Students in the Web Design/Game Programming pathway learn the essentials of game design and development while gaining the skills to design and develop websites. 


Course Descriptions
10th Grade- Fundamentals of IT

This course is designed to introduce students to the breadth of the field of computer science through an exploration of engaging and accessible topics. Focused on the conceptual ideas of computing, it helps students understand why certain tools or languages might be utilized to solve particular problems. The goal is to develop the computational thinking practices of algorithm development, problem-solving and programming within the context of problems that are relevant to the lives of today's students. Students will also be introduced to interface design, limits of computers and societal and ethical issues. The students should be able to analyze the effects of developments in computing. Students also complete Microsoft Office Suite (MOS) training modules and have the opportunity to take the MOS certification exams.


11th Grade
Gaming Concepts I

This is the second course in a three-year sequence of game programming classes. In this course, students will learn the value of interdisciplinary teamwork while reflecting on their own personal strengths and weaknesses. Students will develop problem-solving skills in computer project design. Students will develop an understanding of the purpose of games, how modern video games are assembled and useful marketing distribution channels. Students will apply all areas of learning to design an original video game within budget and time constraints in a simulated team design studio setting. Students will master several software applications to aid in the design of computer games and associated assets. 


Web Design Fundamentals I

This is the second course in a three-year sequence of web design classes. In this course, students will utilize Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET Frameworks, and managed code to create web-based applications. This course covers the building of web applications and web servers using the Microsoft .NET development platform. Most aspects of Web applications and servers will be covered including: architecture, design, coding, data access, etc. The architecture of the .NET development platform will be discussed, as well as practical development issues such as debugging, deployment and security. Design for scalability, performance, and availability will be emphasized. Students will also be introduced to Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Microsoft Expressions. 


12th Grade
Gaming Concepts II

This is the third course in the three-year sequence of game programming courses. In this course, students will explore all components needed to create an advanced video game project. Composition sections focus on design, character, story, interaction, strategy, art, sound, simulation, and programming. Using a variety of software, students will develop unique game stories and design role-playing games. Industry-standard documents will be created to guide design in a simulated design team environment. Assets such as 3D art, animated graphics, and sound will be integrated into finished designs. Physics will be simulated within the game environment. Programming basics will be utilized in a variety of computer languages to include Visual Basics, Python, Ruby, and C++. The end results will be a portfolio to work to showcase the mastery of the composition elements of video game design. 


Web Design Fundamentals II

This is the third course in a three-year sequence of web design classes. This course provides a hands-on introduction to designing, building, and launching websites. Students will use Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash to create professional websites. 



This pathway allows the students to earn up to two industry-recognized certifications in Adobe Certified Associate (Photoshop) and MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) HTML 5.


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Quick Facts
(Web Developers)
Wages Earn $70,408 per year
Employment Medium occupation
10 Year Growth Fast growth
Annual Openings High
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