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Culinary Arts


Culinary Arts
Pathway Overview

Students in the Culinary Arts pathway gain practical culinary skills that increase in complexity throughout the program. The program begins with an orientation-level course introducing students to topics such as food safety, sanitation, knife skills, basic nutrition, appetizers, sandwiches, baking, and menu planning. After mastering the basics, the next two years of the program focus on advanced-level food preparation which includes cooking vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, pasta, and grains; creating sauces and dressing; baking; and making soup. While mastering culinary techniques, students also learn entrepreneurial concepts, explore college and career options, and participate in work-based learning experiences.  


Course Descriptions
10th Grade- Culinary Arts I

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of competencies leading to entry-level hospitality industry employment. Students will examine the following topics: food safety, sanitation, security procedures, professional knife skills, basic nutrition, and menu planning. Students will apply skills through project-based learning in the areas of basic food preparation and use of industrial equipment, procedures, terminology, and training. Throughout this course, technical, employability, and academic skills are integrated into the curriculum. 


11th Grade- Culinary Arts II

This is the second course in a three-year sequence of the Culinary Arts pathway. Students will review and continue working towards mastery of knife skills, safety/sanitation/security procedures, nutrition concepts, and menu planning. Students will work towards mastery of intermediate level food preparation and presentation as well as the use of industrial equipment, procedures, and terminology. Through project-based learning experiences and presentations, students will receive collaborative evaluations of competencies from school and industry professionals. Some of the following topics will be examined: baking yeast bread; researching careers; researching post-secondary education/training; exploring internships and jobs; participating in culinary competitions. 


12th Grade- Culinary Arts III

This is the third course in the three-year sequence of the Culinary Arts pathway. This course will examine the following topics: cost control; equipment operation; vocabulary; sanitation license criteria. The use of industrial equipment, procedures, terminology, and training will be emphasized. Three culminating activities are associated with this class including Passport on a Plate, Student Cafe, and Employability Skills Expo. Students will choose either Passport on a Plate or Student Cafe and then plan, prepare, and execute a lunch and presentation based on one of the ethnic cuisines studied. The Employability Skills Expo will consist of interviews with industry partners for soft skills and job readiness. 



This pathway allows the students to earn up to four industry-recognized credentials in OSHA 10-General Industry, ProStart Certification, ServSafe Food Handler, and ServSafe Sanitation. 


Work-Based Learning Opportunities

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College Credit Opportunities

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Pathway Awards

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Quick Facts
Wages Earn $37,662 per year
Employment Very large occupation
10 Year Growth Fast growth
Annual Openings Very High
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